Black Bull Fireworks

Black Bull Fireworks was voted one of the best fireworks store in Indiana for a reason. We have the best front of storeprices around and even better employees that know everything there is to know about fireworks. You will not be disappointed with a show from Black Bull. Come in and you will have the must fun you can have at a fireworks store. 

What Black Bull Fireworks has to offer:

  • In-store videos
  • Over 1000 different items in stock
  • Exceptional customer service
  • Expert staff (total pyros)
  • Family fun environment
  • LOWEST PRICES..GUARANTEED. Yes, way better then buy one get one free. 

Like us on facebook, and follows us on twitter or google for a chance to win free fireworks! 

We have the best quality products at the lowest possible price. We make sure that we have the best prices around. If you find a product cheaper, we will beat it..and if we cant…I will eat my shoe. 

Call 219-861-0980 anytime and we will meet you at the store.